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Research in Economics

Issue 2/2015

BALDWIN, Richard and Anthony VENABLES, “Trade Policy and Industrialisation when Backward and Forward Linkages Matter
BAGWELL, Kyle and Robert STAIGER, “Delocation and Trade Agreements in Imperfectly Competitive Markets
BRANDER, James and Barbara SPENCER, “Intra-industry Trade with Bertrand and Cournot Oligopoly: The Role of Endogenous Horizontal Product Differentiation
DIXIT, Avinash, “Governance, Trade, and Investment
ANDERSON, James E., “Terrorism, Trade and Public Policy
GARFINKEL, Michelle and Constantinos SYROPOULOS, “Trade Openness and the Settlement of Domestic Disputes in the Shadow of the Future
KAWABATA, Yasushi, “Endogenous Formation of Free Trade Agreements in Vertically Related Markets
BOONE, Jan and Kresimir ZIGIC, “Trade Policy in Markets with Collusion: The Case of North-South R&D Spillovers
LAHIRI, Sajal and Yoshiyasu ONO, "Pollution, foreign direct investment, and welfare"
KOSKA, Onur and Frank STAHLER, “Factor Price Differences in a General Equilibrium Model of Trade and Imperfect Competition

Issue 1/2015

PISSARIDES, Chistopher, “Dale Mortensen: An Appreciation
COLES, Melvyn and Dale MORTENSEN, “The Response of Employment and Wages to Aggregate Shocks: On-the-job Search Effect
DIAMOND, Peter and SAHIN, Aysegul, “Shifts in the Beveridge Curve
SAINT PAUL, Gilles, “Can Active Labor Market Policy be Counter-productive?
COOPER, Russell, John HALTIWANGER and Jonathan WILLIS, “Dynamics of Labor Demand: Evidence from Plant-level Observations and Aggregate Implication
MALCOMSON, James, “Relational Contracts and Specific Training
LAZEAR, Edward, “The Impatient Salesperson and the Delegation of Pricing Authority
DITTRICH, Marcus and Silvio STADTER, “Moral Hazard and Bargaining over Incentive Contracts
PICCIRILLI, Giulio, “On the Impact of Firing Costs under Different Wage Setting Regimes
WOODCOCK, Simon, “Match Effects


Research in Economics








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